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About Mediterranean Experience

The Mediterranean Sea has always served as a "bridge" between the cultures and the nations that populate its shores, the result of an incessant passage of goods and people throughout history that gave birth to the "Mediterranean Culture", which defines and differentiates this region from all others in the world.

We invite you to enjoy a "Mediterranean Experience" that is common and unique to Catalonia, Israel and Sardinia. Come and walk through the magnificent panoramas, drink fine wines, gorge yourself on grapes, eat olives and Mediterranean dishes and taste special cheeses.

Here you will find an assortment of businesses that preserve and maintain traditional and ancient agriculture and crafts dating back centuries, a wide variety of tourist attractions and welcoming accommodations and restaurants that serve traditional Mediterranean food.

You can choose the route most suitable for you in each of the selected areas, which emphasizes the Mediterranean experience that is common and yet unique to each region. Visit the many businesses, tour with the locals and purchase directly from the source.



Come and have a "Mediterranean Experience" your way