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Around the Sea of Galilee – around Kibbutz HaOn

Walking Tour
Around the Sea of Galilee – around Kibbutz HaOn
  • Walking through agricultural groves, nature and water

Opposite the entrance to the Alonit HaOn gas station is the start of a path marked in black direction south west. This short path will lead us through agricultural fields to the Sea of Galilee Trail marked in purple. As soon as we take the purple route it will lead us along the shore of the Sea of Galilee to Kibbutz Ma'agan.

The path curves and bends, ascending and descending through the thick vegetation while forming magical and relaxing spots facing the lake. For the most part the trail passes along the protective embankment built to protect the cliff from the bashing waves and which over time became covered with thick scrub.

Around 900 meters along the path we encounter an old pumping station that is no longer in use. In the past, water was pumped here to irrigate the fields.

After a further 500 meters we encounter a new pumping station that provides the adjacent settlements with drinking water. At this point we leave the shoreline and the purple path and will ascend.

The path will lead us on a dirt road through the agricultural fields of Kibbutz Ma'agan, until a bicycle trail that was recently paved between the eucalyptus trees, parallel to Road 92, up to the gas station where we left our cars. 

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