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Biodiversity in the plateaus of the Giara

Vehicle Tour
Biodiversity in the plateaus of the Giara
  • Listening to the stories about the Nuragic civilisation.
  • Use a warp-weighted loom to create a tapestry.
  • Learn the events about the Arab invasions in the territory.
  • Participate in the realization of “marracconis fibau” the traditional fresh pasta of Siddi.
  • Rent bicycles.
  • Riding.
  • Taste the organic products of the territory in the most important Sardinian restaurant.
  • Listening to the stories about the Punic and Roman civilisation.
  • Taking part at the sheep shearing.
  • Enjoy guided tours on the plateau of the Giara.
  • Learn about officinal herbs of the area.


In the morning, departure from Cagliari to reach Mogoro (40 minutes): a village quite known in Sardinia for the local handicraft of tissues, wood and ceramics. Entering the territory you leave to the left Monte Arci and passing through the Campidano plain you come to a more lively landscape, hilly and rich in vineyards and olive groves, almond orchards and marked by the Mediterranean scrub. The area is characterised by the plateaus of the Giara of Siddi and the Giara of Gesturi, which rise above the valleys. The territory is known for the production of Semidano white wine labelled IGT and the Monica red wine. It is practiced the melon dryland farming and the cheese products, from both cow and sheep milk, are the result of the extraordinary variety of the grazing land particularly rich in wild herbs. There are countless archaeological sites telling the anthropization of the territory from the seventh millennium B.C., when the Neolithic populations decided to settle in the territory. Saffron is a PDO product and it is mostly used in the traditional local cuisine. Furthermore, the territory offers a variety of typical olive oils produced by the species: Pitz’e Carroga, Bosana, Semidana and Tonda di Cagliari. The pitz’e carroga olives are more sweet and delicate; instead the Bosana olives are intense and sharp. The oils produced often from the milling of a mixture of the four species are particularly sweet. Another PDO product of the bounded area of Villamar and Mogoro is the spiny artichoke, whose flavour fits well the lamb and the mutton, often served in local agritourism and restaurant.

In the area there are numerous types of traditional fresh pasta.


Main tourist sites:

Nuraghe Cuccurada - Mogoro.

Turcus e Moros Museum - Gonnostramatza.

Romanesque church of St. Michael the Archangel - Siddi.

“Sa Fogaia” Park - Siddi.

Ornithological Museum of Sardinia - Siddi

Museum of food traditions – Siddi

Museum of the territory – Lunamatrona

Mill – Villamar

Archaeological city Museum – Villanovafranca

Nuraghe Su Mulino – Villanovafranca

Museum of the Giara – Gesturi

Aymerich Park – Laconi

Prehistoric Statue making Museum of Sardinia 

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