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A circular tour on the Gospel Trail

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A circular tour on the Gospel Trail
  • Short sections can be done, and parking/camping areas can be accessed by car.

The route begins at Mt. Precipice near Nazareth, where Jesus leaped into the Jezreel Valley, after being chased by an angry mob. From Nazareth we continue towards the Golani Junction. A monument commemorating the Golani Brigade was established at the junction, which has exhibitions, buildings, models, a light & sound show (in Hebrew, English and Russian) and a remembrance hall commemorating the fallen of the Golani Brigade. Alongside the site there is a tourist information station, a restaurant and a picnic area in the Lavi Forest.

We continue east to the city of Tiberius that lies on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. In and around Tiberius there are many churches and the city has become a pilgrimage center. In Jewish history Tiberius is considered one of the four holy cities, together with Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed.

South to Tiberius is the baptismal site Yardenit (near Kibbutz Kinneret) for Christian pilgrims. At the site there is a wall with Armenian ceramic plates depicting the baptizing of Jesus according to the Gospel of St. Mark, chapter 1, verses 9-11 in various languages.

We will ascend westwards to the Church of Transfiguration situated at the top of Mt. Tabor. According to a tradition begun in the fourth century, the transfiguration of Jesus occurred in this location, an event during which he spoke with Moses and Elijah, and his status as the son of God was confirmed.

The current church was built by Italian architect Antonio Berlucci from 1919 -1924. There is a Greek Orthodox monastery on the mountain that is also dedicated to the transfiguration. Mt. Tabor has a rich history and importance to Jewish, Christian and Moslem religions. We continue climbing westward and end the route in Nazareth

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