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A day tour on the Gospel Trail

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A day tour on the Gospel Trail
  • A short route that passes through places that are important for various religions.

The route begins at the National Park of Zippori (Sepphoris), which in the past was the capital of the Galilee and the seat of the Sanhedrin – the Jewish High Court of the time and where the Mishnah (the written redaction of Jewish oral traditions) was sealed.

A mixed population lived in Zippori and there are remnants of scores of beautiful mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine periods, which have made it an international mosaic city. Alongside the national park is the agricultural settlement of Zippori, where most of the inhabitants are farmers. In addition to agriculture, the settlement provides rural accommodation as well as many small businesses, such as water plants, medicinal herbs, a horse ranch, ornamental birds and a rural spa.

We continue eastwards to Kfar Kanna, identified by the Christian tradition as Cana of Galilee, where the miracle of the wine occurred when Jesus appeared at the wedding of poor people and turned the water into wine.

We continue further east to the Horns of Hattin, site of the famous battle between the army of Saladin and the Crusaders in 1187. At this point the path meets up with a black path marking and we can take a secondary path that ascends to the Horns of Hattin and descends close to Nabi Shu'yab, a holy Druse site traditionally identified as the tomb of Jethro, father in law to Moses. At the site there is a large building, which in addition to defining the holy place of the Prophet Shu'yab, houses thousands of pilgrims during festivals. The site also contains a natural spring.

The route continues northwards arriving at Capernaum, which played an important role in the life of Jesus, so much so, that it is often called "the city of Jesus". The route ends at the Mt. of Beatitudes, which is holy to Christianity. At the top of the mountain is a monastery, the Franciscan Church of Beatitudes, a hostel of the Franciscan nuns, a garden and an agricultural farm that belongs to the Italian mission in Israel. 

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