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Farmers of Marmilla at the time of nuraghes

Vehicle Tour
Farmers of Marmilla at the time of nuraghes
  • Walking by the hills of Marmilla
  • Listening to the stories about the Nuragic civilisation
  • Participate in workshops of bread made with the famous wheat Senator Cappelli
  • Taking part at the sheep shearing
  • Taste the organic products of the territory
  • Enjoy guided tours on the plateau of the Giara 


In the morning, departure from Cagliari to reach Barumini (30 minutes): a village well known to the world for the presence of a poly-lobed nuraghes wonderfully preserved. All the territory is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites due to the presence in the area of countless sites of cultural and archaeological interest, as well as for the peculiar breast-shaped hills. In the area bounded by Barumini, Tuili and Turri there are numerous businesses where it is possible to enjoy a meal with organic local products: the different types of olive oils, Cannonau wine and Bovale wine, the typical pasta made with the famous hard wheat Senator Cappelli, and dishes made with mutton and pork. The confectionery, made with almonds and honey, is strongly connected to the biodiversity of the area too. It is possible to enjoy guided tours on the area and admire examples of centenarian olive trees scattered across the territory.


Main tourist sites:

UNESCO site of Su Nuraxi - Barumini

Villa Zapata museum complex - Barumini

Centre of cultural promotion Lilliu - Barumini

MUDA museum and castel – Las Plassas

Sardinia Miniature Park - Tuili

Natural Park of the Giara - Tuili

Olive trees Park - Turri

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