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Four days along the Gospel Trail

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Four days along the Gospel Trail
  • Walk along the Gospel Trail at a leisurely pace enjoying every step of the route as well as the accommodation along the way.

The first day: From Nazareth to Zippori, Mashhad and Kfar Kanna – 16 kms.

The second day: From Kfar Kanna to the Golani Junction, the Horns of Hattin, Nabi Shu'yab and Kfar Zeitim – 21 kms.

The third day: From Kfar Zeitim, Nimarim Stream, the Arbel Mountain, Hamam, Migdal and Tabgha – 22 kms.

The fourth day: an unmarked section from Domus Galilaeae to the Mt. of Beatitudes, to the shore of the Sea of Galilee and visits to the churches in the region – 13 kms.

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