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The high-quality products of the Mountain of obsidian

Vehicle Tour
The high-quality products of the Mountain of obsidian
  • Hiking in the woods of Monte Arci.
  • Listening to the tales about the biggest Neolithic workshop processing obsidian in the Mediterranean basin.
  • Participate in workshops of methods of obsidian splintering.
  • Listening to the stories about the Nuragic civilisation.
  • Participate in the realization of “Lorighittas” the fresh pasta of Morgongiori.
  • Taste the organic products of the territory.
  • Taking part at the sheep shearing.
  • Studying Antonio Gramsci.
  • Listening to the tales about traditional toys of the rural culture.
  • Learn about the rites of the Holy Week 


In the morning, departure from Cagliari to reach Morgongiori (50 minutes): a village known for the hand-woven fresh pasta made only there. The territory along with Ales, Antonio Gramsci’s native village and seat of the diocese, and with Villa Verde and Pau it is part of GEO-mining park of Sardinia which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the presence of the greatest deposits of obsidian in the Mediterranean area (the local volcanic glass arrived up to Catalonia through exchanges between Neolithic populations, 7,000 years ago).  In Ales and Morgongiori it is possible to enjoy a meal with organic local products: the different types of olive oils, the Nuragus, Bovale and Monica wines, the traditional fresh pasta and dishes made with mutton and pork. The confectionery made with almonds, the torrone sweet and the honeys are strongly connected to the biodiversity of the area too. Demand Responsive Transport and guided tours are available.


Main tourist sites:

Textile Art Museum - Morgongiori.

Environmental educational centre of Monte Arci - Morgongiori

Museum ad Cathedral - Ales

Traditional Toy Museum - Ales

Obsidian Museum– Pau

Obsidian Park - Pau

Antiquarium dell’ossidiana (Obsidian museum) – Villa Verde

Nuragic village of  BrunK’ e S’omu – Villa Verde

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