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From the Lower Amud Stream to Tiberius Illit

Walking Tour
From the Lower Amud Stream to Tiberius Illit
  • The Israel National Trail is a long walking trail that covers the entire length of the State of Israel. It begins at Kibbutz Dan in the north and ends in Eilat. Its length, to date, is 1,100 kms.
  • The Israel National Trail was chosen by the National Geographic as one of 20 best hiking trails and was described as combining nature, history, heritage and culture with large scale biblical scenery as well as panoramas from the daily lives of modern day Israelis.
  • This trail descends from the Amud Stream to the abundant groves of the Ginosar valley, climbs the Arbel Mountain and descends to secular Tiberius, with a magnificent view throughout the route.

The route begins at the Amud Stream near Hukuk, walk along a dirt road between the banana and avocado groves, taking note of the Israel National Trail markings, and looking at the Arbel Mountain all the time – which is the general direction, and the difficult but exciting climb that awaits further along.

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