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From Mashhad through Zippori to the Yiftahel intersection

Walking Tour
From Mashhad through Zippori to the Yiftahel intersection
  • The trail mark is found on rocks that are sometimes hidden by thorns in the summer.

This tour begins in the narrow roads of the Arab village of Mashhad, ascend through the village and passes by the Nabi Yunes Mosque and on up to the edge of the village. At the exit of Mashhad, the green valley of Beit Netofa and its large reservoir as well as the Eshkol reservoir lie sprawled ahead.

The path continues into a beautiful thicket of trees and arrives at the stone structure of ancient Zippori (Sepphoris), which are part of the Zippori National Park. After about a kilometer the path begins to bypass Zippori from the north and continues along a wide road, descending into a ravine between ancient olive trees to the Tomb of Rabbi Yehuda Nesi'ah. The tomb structure is next to the well-kept cemetery of the Zippori rural settlement. Experts attribute most of its portions to the second or third centuries AD.

The path finally leads to an underground passage under Highway 77, and after crossing, the road continues parallel to the road heading north, marked with the Israel National Trail marking, and soon arrives at the final destination at the Yiftahel Intersection situated on Highway 79, close to Ha-Movil Junction and between the rural settlements of Alon Hagalil, Hasolelim, Hannaton and Bir El Mackhsur. 

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