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On the road from Be'er Sheva to Mitzpe Ramon and to Eilat

Vehicle Tour
On the road from Be'er Sheva to Mitzpe Ramon and to Eilat
  • The road to Eilat (Israel's southernmost resort city) is long but can be exciting and interesting.
  • The route may traverse firing ranges, and tours taking place during the week must therefore be coordinated with the IDF.

The route begins in the city of Be'er Sheva, capital of the Negev and continues to the Be'er Sheva Mound National Park for a one-two hour hike among the ruins of the ancient Israelite city.

Continue south along Highway 40 to the Shivta National Park, a Nabatean city that is situated between Nitzana and Sde Boker. Visit Sde Boker (kibbutz and college) – Ben-Gurion's Hut, Ben-Gurion's Tomb and the Zin River with an additional short and pleasant walking tour in the Karkash Stream.

Proceed to the Avdat National Park for a pleasing walk among the remnants of this Nabatean city and continue the drive south to the town of Mitzpe Ramon and the winding road leading to the Ramon Crater. The Ramon Crater holds many tour paths and adventures for desert lovers: The Sawmill is a fascinating geological phenomenon. It is a sandstone hill with exposed sandstone in the form of symmetrical sextant pillars lying in a heap like planks of wood in a sawmill. The Beeroth caravanserai – situated at the heart of the beautiful Ramon Crater paths, from which several nice and easy paths can be taken by the whole family. The renowned paths are those to the Cone Hill and to the Saharonim fortress and horseshoe. Both are circular paths and can be done consecutively or separately (to manage both start out early in the morning).

On both sides of Highway 40 that traverses the crater is an old quarry that has been restored to become the Colored Sands Site. There is a 30 meters long path leading down from the parking area to a huge sand pit with different colored sands – black, red, purple, green, brown and more. This is the only site in the Ramon Crater where colored sands can be collected.

Further along the road to Eilat one can stop to visit the rural villages dotted along the highway that offer accommodation, attractions and points of interest, dining, creative workshops and guiding.

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