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Settlement and flowering in the Eshkol District

Vehicle Tour
Settlement and flowering in the Eshkol District
  • This route combines various sites in the Western Negev, mainly settlements and monuments.
  • The period recommended for this trip is at the end of winter and spring because of the magnificent blooming of the Negev Iris at two points along the path.
  • The route may traverse firing ranges, and tours taking place during the week must therefore be coordinated with the IDF.

The route begins in the open fields near Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, where there is a concentration of Negev Irises (at end February-beginning March). The irises were moved from fields that were prepared for agricultural use in the region, and alongside there are other seasonal flowers.

After visiting the field of irises we return to the dirt road and drive a kilometer to the Dengor Monument car park (opposite a small army base). A short walking path leads to the monument which states "It is not tanks that win, but people" with a relief of the Nirim battle. The monument is situated on the initial settlement ground of Kibbutz Nirim.

We continue to another field of irises known as the Sufa Irises (this field can be reached on foot from the Dengor Monument). The next stop on the route is the Steel Battalion Monument, commemorating the fallen of the Steel Battalion during the Six Day War, which in the past was situated in the town square of Yamit, a city established in Sinai that was dismantled following the peace agreement with Egypt, and the monument was reinstated at this location. 117 Stairs lead to an impressive lookout at the top of the monument. Nearby the monument, to the west, is an area of rubble known as "the Walls of Yamit" and is a concentration of walls from precast buildings that were used in the construction of the city of Yamit.

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