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From Tiberius to Yardenit (Kibbutz Kvutzat Kinneret)

Walking Tour
From Tiberius to Yardenit (Kibbutz Kvutzat Kinneret)
  • This tour is suitable for a relaxing half day.
  • The trail mark is found on rocks that are sometimes hidden by thorns in the summer.

The route begins at the northern entrance to Tiberius (from highway 77). From here the Israel National Trail continues south along the Sapir Boulevard. After 1.5 kilometers we reach the end of the road, which curves to the right. Immediately afterwards we leave the tarred road and continue to the wide dirt road marked in black. The Israel National Trail passes over a thicket and then descends and passes through Eucalyptus trees.

We walk through the Switzerland Forest; 5-6 kms of thickets planted with funds from the Jews of Switzerland and all along there are several beautiful view points. To the left we continuously see the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

We continue to a two-level lookout that also looks over the Sea of Galilee. The lookout is well cared for and has picnic tables. A little after the Switzerland Car Park the Israel National Trail crosses the road that begins here and leads to the Poria Hostel and to road no. 7677. Immediately after this road there is a planting center at the focus of which there is a single bench overlooking the scenery.

From here the trail begins a gentle descent towards the Sea of Galilee. The trail passes alongside a grove of kumquats and arrives at road 7677 that leads from Poria Illit to the Shore of the Sea of Galilee. The trail descends towards the Sea of Galilee between the orchards and groves of the Kinneret Village, and traverses the main and only road of this veteran settlement. The Kinneret Village was established in 1908 next to the Kinneret farm and was initially inhabited by eight families of farmers. The Treidel Family House, the first house that we pass, is the largest and most impressive of the houses in this ancient village, and has been preserved in its original state. At the south end of the road is the Kinneret Courtyard where in 1908 the World Zionist Organization established a farm to train the idealistic young people that immigrated to Israel during the second wave of immigration how to farm.

We continue to the Kinneret cemetery. Some of the spiritual leaders of the labor movement and leaders of the settlements are buried there. At the end of the cemetery is the grave of the poetess Rachel. After the visit to the cemetery we once again cross the Zemach-Tiberias road and turn left.

The path runs between date plantations and pools and arrives at the Motor House, which for many years served to pump irrigation water from the Sea of Galilee. We continue from the motor house to the Yardenit baptismal site.

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