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Two days on the Incense Routes

Vehicle Tour
Two days on the Incense Routes
  • Route length – 70 kms
  • At the Avdat National Park accessibility adaptations are being made for disabled persons.
  • The route may traverse firing ranges, and tours taking place during the week must therefore be coordinated with the IDF.

First day:

The first day begins at the remnants of the Nabatean city of Shivta situated between the village of Nitzana and Kibbutz Sde Boker. In 2005 Shivta was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site together with Haluza, Avdat and Mamshit (Memphis) as part of the Incense Route.

The trial continues with a slow drive through the Lavan River bed, between impressive fields of Byzantine agriculture, cisterns, canals and terraces, until the national drainage line and the Zipporim (Birds) Stream.

Travel through the stream until reaching Highway 40 and continue towards the Nabatean-Byzantine city of Avdat. After an hour touring the city continue northwest along the Nafha and Mahmal Streams until arriving at the northern cliff of the Ramon Crater and from there to the Mahmal Fortress – a station along the Incense Route that has recently been restored.

Continue on a challenging road along the cliff to the Noah Rise and from there to the Ramon Crater situated adjacent to the town of Mitzpe Ramon. Take the Petroleum Road where the milestones of the ancient route are still visible. Overnight can be spent in Mitzpe Ramon or at the Beeroth campsite.

 Second day:

At sunrise leave Mitzpe Ramon or the Beeroth campsite for the Saharonim Spring. Take a two hours hike in the Nikrot Stream canyon and proceed from there in the vehicles through the Nikrot Stream bed to the Nikrot Well – an impressive Nabatean cistern that has been restored, providing an insight into the Nabatean water engineering.


We ascend from the Nikrot Well to the Kazara Fortress where we can see some of the original portions of the Incense Route. The tour continues to the last stop – Moa Fortress on the Arava border, near Zofar settlement

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