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Vehicle Tour
  • This is A guided Tour
  • Are you staying in Barcelona and want to enjoy a nice day out into the unknown amazing region of the Priorat, with wines famous worldwide?
  • Do you want to taste wines from both appellations of origin, DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant?
  • What about a unique organic olive oil tasting of several varieties and blendings, paired with local products?
  • Do you want to forget about driving, be more sustainable taking the train and enjoy a private tour guided by a local? 

The Priorat is a region with ancient wine tradition, with wines already famous from as far back as the XIIth Century, well known for its powerful flavour and taste. Nowadays, in the Priorat there are two appellations of origin (DO), the qualified DOQ Priorat, which is formed by the Historic Priorat territory, and the DO Montsant, a newer DO, however, producing surprisingly good wines.

The Priorat area, with it diverse but unknown wine landscape, is full of hidden and unexpected spots of great beauty, walks between vineyards which pleasure us with ever changing scenery over the four seasons, full of colours and intensive aromas.

With this private tour, you will be able to “taste the Priorat wine region” in one day, enjoying its powerful landscape and savouring both appellations of origin of wine. We have also added to the tour a tasting of organic olive oil by a local producer, and paired with local products. A unique experience to savour real high quality olive oil!

Itinerary which combines a train trip from Barcelona or any other village with train connection to Marçà-Falset with a prived guided tour. Private tour with taxi picking you up in your hotel also possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made quotation

Main Tourist Sites on this tour:

  • Carthusian monastery of Scaladei
  • Wine interpretation Center of Castell del Vi, in Falset
  • Consolació chapel, Gratallops
  • Modernist building of Falset cooperative
  • Municipal museum Lula Pérez, Marçà

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