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The Wine Route – Individual Farms

Vehicle Tour
The Wine Route – Individual Farms
  • The route combines major sites and visits to individual farms "along the way" that specialize in the production of wine.
  • The route forms a Y and can be done partially or in full.
  • The route may traverse firing ranges, and tours taking place during the week must therefore be coordinated with the IDF.

The Right "Branch":

 The route begins at the Yeruham National Park, the city park of the town of Yeruham surrounding the Yeruham Lake. The park has steep banks and cliffs that serve as nesting areas for birds of prey, and is part of an impressive geomorphologic complex – the Revivim stream rift that crosses a mountain range.

 The Yeruham Fortress is situated in the park – remnants of a Nabatean fortress from the Roman period that protected the traffic and trading in the region. The national park completes the Yeruham Crocuses Reserve. The route continues to the Halukim ruins – a site dating back to the biblical Kings period in the northern Negev Mountains, 3 kms north of Kibbutz Sde Boker. At the site there are remnants of a central structure (perhaps a fortress) alongside buildings from the Kings and Nabatean periods.

The next stop is Ben-Gurion's Hut located at Kibbutz Sde Boker. Continue 5 kms south to the Sde Boker College to visit the graves of David Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula. At the foot of the college lies the meandering Zin Stream in which lies the Akev Spring that colors the desert green. The spring constitutes the main water source for the wild life and revives hikers, who come to swim and refresh themselves in the spring waters. Overlooking the spring is the Akev Pinnacle, a high hill at the intersection between the spring and the Zin Stream, the view from which is breathtaking. The wine route continues south to the Avdat National Park and further on through the various wine farms reaching the cistern stronghold.


  The Left "Branch":

 Begins at the Hai Negev caravanserai situated at Kibbutz Revivim. The site is constructed based on ecological principles and includes a center for creative ecological activities and workshops for natural building. The hilltop settlement of Mitzpe Revivim reconstructs the history of the first settlers in the Negev desert before establishment of the State of Israel.

North of road 211, between the Tlalim intersection in the east and the Besor Stream in the west, lies the Mashabim Sands Reserve which contains unique flora and fauna, including large mammals (foxes, carcals, wild cats and jackals), snakes, lizards and rodents.

Adjacent to the Mashabim Sands Reserve is the French Commando Lookout, a site commemorating the French commando warriors that served in the Negev Division and fought with the Palmach (an elite fighting force) during the War of Independence.

 The crocus, a large beautiful protected flower is an excellent reason to nature as it prepares for the winter. The path to the Crocuses Site located near the town of Yeruham is recommended during the months of October and November when they blossom and cover the brown desert with yellow flowers.

Continue to the Halukim Ruins and from there the road continues south following the same path as the right "branch" – to Ben-Gurion's Hut, Akev Pinnacle and Spring, the Avdat National Park ending at the Cistern Stronghold.

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