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Yardenit on the Sea of Galilee Trail

Walking Tour
Yardenit on the Sea of Galilee Trail
  • Trail color: purple + Israel National Trail

The route begins at Yardenit – the pilgrims' baptismal site, at the entrance to Kibbutz Kvutzat Kinneret, and a panoramic view of the Degania Dam. The dam was built in 1932 by Pinhas Rutenberg (who established the production and distribution of electric power in Israel) known as "The Old Man from Naharayim" as part of his electricity enterprise.

We will cross the road and walk along the path marked with the Israel National Trail marking (blue-white-orange) in a eucalyptus thicket that was planted by the pioneers. The thicket provided shade for the children of Kinneret and Degania and inspired Naomi Shemer (a popular Israeli songstress) who grew up in Kinneret to write the song "The eucalyptus thicket, the bridge and the boat and the scent of the saltbush on the water". At the sides of the path we will notice the odorless saltbush. Situated alongside the eucalyptus thicket is the reconstructed Motor House – a pump station built in 1911. It was here that Berl Katznelson (one of the intellectual founders of Labor Zionism) tried working the land and started the era of year round irrigated green agriculture replacing the dryland farming of the Jordan Valley.

From the Motor House we will walk along the Sea of Galilee Marsh of the Israel National Trail until Highway 90. The marsh, that was everywhere until it was dried up by the pioneers, is the last remnant of the ancient Jordan River bed in which we are walking, the last remnant of the marsh are the fish ponds we pass by.

We continue towards Highway 90, to our right is the Ha-Krach Hill and to the left the first dates plantation in the renewed Land of Israel.

We will continue and carefully cross Highway 90 until the entrance of the Kinneret Cemetery – resting place for many of the dreamers that created the Zionist enterprise, a pantheon of second and third immigration wave pioneers.

We will continue to the Shore of the Sea of Galilee along the Sea of Galilee Trail marked in purple, at the foot of the Ha-Krach Hill and Ohalo (named after Berl Katznelson's tent (ohal in Hebrew) which was placed here) and will end at the Beit Yerach flotilla. It is a 10 minute walk back to our cars in the parking lot. 

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