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Ayelet Art

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Discover the mystery of the Galilean Silk Road, an experience of nature and color
Ayelet Art- Studio

Ayelet's silk scarves are painted in various and unique techniques and are bought and sent all over the world. A visit to the studio will introduce the visitor to the secrets of silk, colors and the royal silk arts that have developed ever since the fabric was discovered by the Chinese Empress Xi-Ling-Shih. It is possible to combine a tour and guidance in various subjects.

More in the studio: aquarelles, silk paintings, gifts and workshops. Visitors to the studio will be given tips and recommendations of the attractions available for their continued enjoyment in the region.

Workshops: A festival of painting on silk – prepare silk table runners or scarves while listening to stories and accompanied by coffee and cake.

Ayelet Braun Zur – an artist who combines education, art and technology with ecology. She also creates and writes in various fields of art and participates in exhibitions and installations. Over the past few years, she has been focused mainly on silk fabric creations. 

Our Products
Silk Scarves, Challa Covers, Glasses Cases, Ties, Taliths (a Jewish prayer shawl) and more.