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Guided and self-guided walking tours in the Gospel Trail as well as in the Galilee and Judea hills and lower plains
Guided tours
Guided tours
Discovering authentic Israel through walking in the untrodden and off the beaten tracks

WalkInIsrael offers tourists and locals a chance to be exposed and experience the authentic Israel with its extensive variety of cultures, people, landscapes, religions and plant life, its rich and magnificent past and historic sites through independent or guided hikes on the Gospel Trail and other routes across the Galilee, the Judea Mountains, Jerusalem and the coastal plain.

These hikes, continuing for a number of days while traveling between different accommodations, allow hikers to reach locations and get exposed to people and sites that are not accessible on ordinary trails. The activity is intended for hike enthusiasts, couples, families and small groups.

WalkInIsrael will arrange for accommodation and meals and will also send ahead your luggage and provide instructions for a safe, experienced filled hike without having to navigate or read maps, thereby guaranteeing that you arrive at your destination without getting lost along the way.

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Guided tours