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The International Route

The International Route

Catalonia in Spain, Sardinia in Italy and Israel differ from each other in many areas, but they also have a lot in common, namely the 'Mediterranean Characteristics': The Mediterranean style of music, temperament, style of building,  Agricultural crops, Which created the Mediterranean kitchen.

The major fields of agriculture that this route deals in are olive oil, wine and goats milk cheeses. The route emphasizes touristic agriculture, which is the touristic   use of agricultural areas, agricultural industries such as wine presses, dairies and wineries, and traditional crafts such as spinning and weaving wool.

  • The route take place in three countries which take part in the project: Catalonia (Spain), Sardinia (Italy) and Israel. It Includes flights, and/or cruises between the selected areas*.
  • The passenger decides the route duration and which transportation to use.
  • Today, the transition between countries possible only with flights. In the future, it might consider developing designated alternative transportation as cruises and sailing between the mentioned countries. These cruise can be Mediterranean experience oriented and can include sightseeing in other places along the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The course referring to private tourist, organized groups, educational groups and Professionalism groups as well whom looking for sightseeing in places with similar characteristics as their home country, gaining knowledge, ideas and inspiration. For example, Israelis agriculturist will tour in Catalonia, and will learn other methods from their co-partners and vice versa. Sharing knowledge between the countries can bring them outstanding development.
  • The route is flexible and might start or end in all of the mentioned countries / areas.         


The route begins in Barcelona (1), the capital of Catalonia, in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula, facing the Mediterranean sea, between the warmest climates in the south and the coldest in the north, with a very complicated relief, has shaped a country full of contrasts and with a high diversity of landscape, cultural and natural heritage, agriculture, traditions and local product. Ancient production of wine and oil, started back in Greek’s period some centuries bC, nowadays brings us an amazing diversity of destinations of origin (DO) of wine and olive oil spread all over the territory. 

In Catalonia you can enjoy one of the 3 most beautiful routes (see link for details:


The route continues to the next destination, which is Sardinia (2), the Italian island. The cultural resources of this island are a real point of strength. There are various available archaeological sites, museums, country parks, ancient churches, traditional houses and houses that  have become museums, alongside a rich heritage of demo- anthropological culture. In this framework, there are important traditional events linked to popular culture and others connected to cultural interchange. There is a close network of small well-preserved historic centers. You can travel by car or guided between Land and Sea (see link for details:  ).

The last destination is in Israel (3), where the route is divided into two different areas - Spice Routes in the south and in the gospel Trail in the north (see link: Http:// You can choose which ways to start.  The International entry of Israel is in Tel Aviv, which is at the center of Israel. Small businesses dealing in agricultural tourism have developed along the Incense and Spice Routes, which is mainly touristic usage of the crops, the agricultural industry such as oil presses, dairies and wineries and traditional crafts such as spinning, weaving and wool (Agro-tourism, Agro-food and Handicrafts). Visitors in the Gospel Trail ( ) and Spice Routes ( ) can choose a single subject tour (such as agriculture) or combine tours on several subjects (such as archeological-historical-agricultural-panoramic).


International airports:


  • Catalonia (Spain) - Barcelona
  • Sardinia (Italy) - Cagliari
  • Israel - Tel Aviv


International seaports:


  • Catalonia (Spain) - Barcelona
  • Sardinia (Italy) - Porto Torres / Cagliari
  • Israel - Haifa