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Into the depth of the desert with Dr. Haim Berger
Guided tours
Guided tours
Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Activities
Into the depth of the desert with Dr. Haim Berger

Negev Jeep is a desert tourism company located in the Negev Mountains and run by Dr. Haim Berger – Animal Behaviorist. We offer jeep tours with an emphasis on ecology to the Nahal Zin Springs, Ramon Crater, the Incense Route, a night safari in search of local animals as well as tours following the prehistoric nomads in unique sites with rock drawings and to Har Karkom – Mount Sinai. We also offer one of a kind bird watching tours, bicycle and camel tours and unique encounters with authentic Bedouins.

The valley of hidden fountains

A refreshing tour into the depth of the desert

At the heart of the Zin valley a waterfall, a deep pool and an oasis are hidden, attracting animals and people for ages. Not far away, we can find a secret and ancient system of water storage and concealment. Let us refresh, dip in the natural pool and discover together the wisdom of water in the desert.

Lost kingdoms

Secrets of ancients nomads

Will start our trip at the upper part of the Zin Valley to get a glimpse into the hidden and secret world of the Nabateans kingdom. For instance, how they managed to collect and hide water, or grow vineyards in ancient times. Then will continue to a beautiful pre-historic rock art site that reveals the spiritual world of the nomadic people of the Negev. In the site we can witness the full transition from hunting scenes to symbols and into the emerging of the first alphabet in the world!! That both modern Hebrew and Latin are derived from.

Night Safari

What do animals do at night?

The night safari is an exciting, interesting and fun adventure for kids and grownups as well. During the safari will search for wildlife such as wolf, hyena, fox, hare, porcupine, scorpions with a spotlight from the 4WD vehicle. In addition will explore animal borrows and footprints. Furthermore, will indulge ourselves with desert tea-coffee over a warming bonfire under the stars.

Rock Out at the Ramon Crater

A tour into the disappearing mountain

The Ramon Crater is Israel's most unique site with dramatic landscape and wide open spaces of pure wilderness. The crater is 40 km long, 2–10 km wide and 500 meters deep – a spectacular geological jewel. It also includes signs of prehistoric man that lived throughout the region. These include ancient dwellings, graves, water systems and old trade routes.  Furthermore, The Ramon nature reserve which includes the crater and the Negev highlands is the largest protected area in Israel, thus an excellent place to observe the diverse Negev wildlife. During the tour we will explore the most interesting attractions of the crater such as colorful rocks, exciting geological formations, medicine herb plants, animal foot prints and many more unique activities.

Riddles from Mount Sinai

A refreshing tour into the depth of the desert

The journey to Mount Karkom and the burning bush phenomena is one of the most interesting jeep tours, especially in light of the question whether this is the biblical Mount Sinai? This is a new destination for travelers and Christian pilgrims, and one of our exiting guiding towards the cradle of modern religions.

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