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Girona region, located in the north-east of Catalonia, covers the whole coastal side of the wild Costa Brava and the foothills of the Pyrenees, which slowly bend down to meet the Mediterranean Sea. Like in the rest of Catalonia, it is a territory with a high diversity in landscape, dominated by the bright mirror of the sea or the rugged mountains that create a natural border with France. It is a region also inhabited since ancient times, although here the first important settlement of population was created by the Greeks, which founded Emporion. Later, Romanisation and succession of other cultures and political regimes enriched the cultural heritage of the land and its people. It is a border region between Catalonia and France, therefore also one of the first places to receive the beginning of battles and wars that were decisive in local history.

In the eastern side of Girona we find both DO of wine and DOP of olive oil. A rugged terrain, strongly blown by the northern winds, tramuntana, that of course influences the character of the wine, olive oil, and the local people.

The olive oil production in the DOP of olive oil Empordà[1] dates back more than 2.000 years, with the arrival or the Greeks in the VI Century bC. The local varieties, like argudell, corivell and verdal¸ together with the introduced arbequina, give olive oils of a certain complexity, with dominance of sweet, bitter, fruity or spicy notes depending on the variety.

In the same territory we find the DO of wine Empordà[2], spread in 55 villages separated in two different region in the Alt and Baix Empordà. It is a DO with a high diversity of red wines, complex and fragrant, and of white wines, fresh and full of savours. The local varieties are carignean and Grenache (here called lledoner) in the red wines, and white and red Grenache, macabeu, moscatell and xarel·lo for the white wines. To drink with the dessert stands out the Garnatxa de l’Empordà and Moscatell de l’Empordà, both natural sweet wines.

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