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Lleida region includes a vast area in the north-west of Catalonia, from the flat areas around its capital, Lleida, to the highest peaks of the Pyrenees. The pattern of different types of crops and their colours changes throughout its extension, standing out the cereal fields in the flatter areas. In the rugged terrains located south we mainly find olive trees groves, in contrast with the rugged moountains of the north, where wild nature and pastures are ideal for herds of cows, goats and sheeps, providing high quality milk and other lactic products such as cheese. A border region difficult to delimitate, in fact was finally settled only in the XXth Century. The high diversity of landscape, dominated by the impressive and vertical Pyrenees mountains and the big rivers, makes this destination ideal for active sports like skiing and rafting, but also to enjoy olive oil tourism and history and cultural tourism, which hundreds of old castles and chapels, some of them UNESCO heritage.

Is this a territory that also offers great diversity of DO. But only two DO are included in the current CoMeDPro project.

The DO of wine Costers del Segre[1], which includes 7 different areas located in the middle watershed of Segre river, with a diversity of altitude but a definitive continental and dry climate. With a lower alcoholic degree than the more southern wines, the local varieties like Grenache, monestrell and sumoll and its own geology bring a completey different character to the wines. In this area, there is also production of sparkling wines.

In the old DOP of olive oil Les Garrigues[2], also dominated by the tiny arbequina variety, includes villages from 3 different regions, with a long production tradition. A very dens olive oil, full bodied, balanced in sweet and spicy notes, that soften as the olive ripens. Tradition says that it was in this area, in the Arbeca village, where the cultivation of the arbequina variety started.

[1] Web DO Costers del Segre:

[2] Web DOP Oli de les Garrigues:

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