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Arbequina i Secció de Crèdit S.C.c.l

Arbequina i Secció de Crèdit S.C.c.l1
Arbequina i Secció de Crèdit S.C.c.l2
Arbequina i Secció de Crèdit S.C.c.l3
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Guided tours
Guided tours
Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Activities
Arbeca olive oil, the birthplace or arbequina olives

The origin of Oli d’Arbeca goes back more than a century. During all this time has survived wars and hardship because it has always been supported by the strength of its partner farmers who have never ceased in its efforts to go forward regardless.

The different stages have not been beyond the different political regimes, but today the team working in the Cooperative Arbequina is a professional team that has always had his eyes straight ahead. That’s why in 2009, with the collaboration of ACC1Ó has developed a Strategic Plan for the next three years and marked the lines to continue to move forward together in the same direction.

As a result of this Strategic Plan have been marked, first, a mission that reflects a desire to serve the most demanding and at the same time add value to farmers and land where they thrive.

Second, a vision that is the ideology that marks the position of the Cooperative in this competitive world.

And third define the values, values that Arbequina considered important to customers, partners and their employees and without which it can conduct a dignified and revaluation of the people, at the end this must be reflected in the final product.

This innovation and modernization of our ideology reaffirms its will to give life to a land area classified as disadvantaged by the European Union, but it feels alive as any other.


We offer tours to the oil mill ,  with a visit to the olive fields , and a visit to the old museum of oil ( you can know the antich olive oil process ) price : 7€ pax .We offer tasting extra virgin olive oil . Tasting  Price : € 5 per person.


Guided tours of the Vilars Iberian fortress of  Arbeca : € 5 per person.

Guided tours to the palace castle and the old town. : € 5 per perso

Our Products
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Wine